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Visual configuration platform for the Bus Industry

What is it about?

1. Visual configuration increases sales hit rates and revenues

In times of industry commerce, B2B customers expect high quality representations of individualized product variants upfront their buying decision.

2. SaaS lowers implementation risks and upfront investments

Looking at Industry commerce from an organizational standpoint, IT organizations expect IT services to be available on demand as a cloud service

3. Supplier integration in configuration processes is a key challenge

In the bus vertical, a key challenge in visual product configuration is to integrate suppliers in configuration processes

„Lumo Graphics is able to tackle the requirements of industry commerce with the BusCloud. The BusCloud integrates OEMs and suppliers in one visual configuration environment

How does Lumo Graphics tackle these challenges with the BusCloud?

„There is a tremendous opportunity in synergy effects between OEMs and suppliers configurators

BusCloud Technology and Content

The value of visual configuration in the BusCloud

„The BusCloud is able to add value to your business by leveraging the synergy effects between OEMs and suppliers

In visuals

„The BusCloud is based on Lumo Graphics proven technology for visual configuration, a standard product since 1998